“Open Ideas: Royal Adelaide Hospital Site International Design Competition”

In 2016, the current Royal Adelaide Hospital will be relocated. The move presents an opportunity to reconsider the vacated site and create an iconic place within the City of Adelaide.

This proposal illustrates how appropriation of Adelaide’s historic planning vision can establish a new symbolic urban space for the city that projects the aspirations of its modern inhabitants. To do so the site has been re-conceived through these strategic and opportunistic spatial and ecological configurations: connective civic space, the formation of the 7th city square; sustainable framework, connecting fragmented waterways; porous site, a transition from urban to park lands; strategic development, varied programs connect adjacent uses; and city symbol, promotion and marketing of the Square as a symbol of the city.


Adelaide, South Australia




Robert Baddour, Kristian Mizes, Jonathan Tate


Competition Sponsor: Office for Design and Architecture South Australia (ODASA); Renewal SA