OJT was established in 2011 as a creative, expansive, and exploratory practice with a desire to contribute to contemporary discourse. The interests of the office have since centered on topical issues impacting the built environment. While this is represented in work on a variety of project categories, housing, in conventional and unconventional forms, is a topic and type of particular significance to the office. The embrace and reworking of normative, overlooked, familiar, and otherwise modest or slight project types is a hallmark of our work.

The formulation of our work is grounded in the integration of situational conditions (e.g., urban environments, development objectives, regulatory overlays, historic subtexts, type derivations). And every project is conceived as belonging and contributing to its location, while communicating with a lineage of associative built work. All the work, regardless of scale and type, reflect spatial, formal and strategic particularities derived from these sensitivities. Its formal language is as consequence often recognizable yet idiosyncratic, incongruous, uncanny.

We do architecture and urban design mostly but are experienced in, and offer services for, many other affiliated design activities: planning (strategic, master, architectural, formbooks), interiors (furnishing, finishes, fixtures, equipment), graphic design (environmental graphics, signage, project specific marks, web work), development consulting (pre-dev analysis, project scoping, regulatory overviews, concept and strategy), historic preservation (tax-credits, building surveys), affordable housing (tax credits, strategy, opportunities), amongst other things.

Many of our projects are focused in (and on) New Orleans, but many more are located throughout the country – with a regional concentration – and internationally. And we work with a diverse and growing range of clients, including CDC’s, NDC’s, non-profit’s, institutions, government (local, state, federal), private developers, individuals and ourselves (we develop projects on occasion, too).

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New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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  • Giuliana Vaccarino Gearty
  • Ginny Hanusik
  • Marguerite Lloyd
  • Lucy Satzewich
  • AIA National Housing Award, Bastion
  • Progressive Architecture Award, New Home for the First 72+
  • Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters Architecture Prize, 2020
  • AIA National Honor Award, Architecture, St. Thomas & Ninth
  • AIA National Housing Award, 3106 St. Thomas
  • Next Progressives, Architect Magazine
  • Emerging Architects Finalist, Architectural Review
  • Excellence in Historic Preservation, Louisiana Landmark Commission
  • Emerging Voices, Architectural League of New York
  • HIVE 100 Top 5 Innovator in Housing
  • Fast Company Innovation by Design, Finalist in Spaces, Places and Cities