The harbor on Lake Pontchartrain is home to 130 boat houses — both anchored to the constructed landscape on which they sit, and hovering over the water. These houses make up a highly regulated and regular row at the same time as they collectively represent a unique way of life relative to their broader New Orleans context. The project is developed according to a desire to capitalize on the potentials embedded in the harbor renovation restrictions: while keeping one existing, recently renovated, boat house largely as it is, a new boat house — rather a reconstruction of an adjacent boat house destroyed by Katrina — is built to its maximum volume, creating the opportunity for double height as well as lofted spaces. Programmatic relationships are designed to highlight contrast between the volumes, while at the same time encouraging fluidity of movement and use across the two: each domestic activity has two manifestations, one aligned to function and the other to enjoyment, leisure, and display (e.g. kitchen and informal dining vs. wet bar and formal dining). The two volumes — one low and dark, the other high and light — are further knit together through a series of cuts — creating variation of light and shadow across the party wall.


New Orleans, Louisiana




Robert Baddour, Travis Bost, Rebecca Fitzgerald, Kristian Mizes, Jonathan Tate