3609-13 S. SARATOGA

3609-13 S Saratoga is the third Starter Home* project to be built in New Orleans.  The project creates two new single family homes located on non-conforming lots in Milan, a transitioning neighborhood adjacent to the historically vibrant Central City neighborhood. The formal concept for this, as with all the Starter Home* projects, is to create a new home that situates within its context but is noticeably altered by the site constraints and the paradoxes of adapting historic archetypes to contemporary conditions. In this case, we were working through the manipulation of common porch motifs to expand the perceived depth of the home. We expanded a traditional two-bay facade and layered it through the depth of the entry area, which is deeper than normal due to the parking space. The layering of the front surfaces are alternated to create subtle differences between the two homes. In keeping with a desire to challenge development processes, 3609-13 S. Saratoga, through Small Change, is also the first equity crowdfunded project in the US.

  • Credit: William Crocker
  • Site in neighborhood context
  • Existing Site
  • First Floor Plan
  • Second Floor Plan


New Orleans, Louisiana




Robert Baddour, Sabeen Hasan, Lauren Hickman, Maggie Lloyd, Jessica O'Dell, Jonathan Tate